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Science & Industry

The Science and Industry division provides an essential service to over 5000 users in the general industrial, analytical, academic and life science sectors. Our reputation has been forged from our ability to supply cryogenic gases and associated products across the UK to some of the most critical users in the marketplace.

Our gas product range includes the supply of liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquid oxygen and liquid carbon dioxide, and is supported by a wide range of associated services including:

  • Lease or purchase options for gas storage vessels, from small open dewars to bulk containers.  
  • Installation service from simple supply pipe work to turnkey projects.
  • Wide range of biomedical sample storage systems, providing an end-to-end solution for liquid nitrogen users in the Life Science sector.
  • Maintenance schemes to ensure the highest levels of operability and safety.

Please select the appropriate market sector to find out more about what the Science and Industry team can offer.

CryoService are ISO9001-2000 accredited and active members of the British Compressed Gas Association. We use our expertise to assist in creating codes of practice to ensure a safe industry.

Click here to read more about CryoSafe a unique cryogenic tank examination and maintenance service, which may also include distribution pipe work systems.  

Click here to find out more about our instructor-led and new e-Learning safety training packages.

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Science & Industry

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