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Liquid Nitrogen Cryosurgery

CryoService offers a flexible van-based delivery service for liquid nitrogen in cryosurgery and cryotherapy applications, with a range of payment options to suit your needs. An extensive selection of cryosurgery equipment is also available.

Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewars
CryoService provide a wide range of liquid nitrogen dewars, from 4 litres to 50 litres with withdrawal devices available for safe decanting. Outright purchase and rental options are available for this equipment.

Liquid Nitrogen Supply
If you are running a busy surgery you may benefit from our unique "pre pay" delivery service, where you can buy packages for 8 or 16 deliveries in a year with a premium service level available to include maintenance support for your liquid nitrogen dewar. For smaller users or infrequent clinics we also offer a simple single payment "pay as you go" service.

Applicator Equipment and Accessories
Our CryoPro range of applicators are specially designed to give you a lightweight and controllable system for cryosurgery and are available as economical packages containing the key items you will require for your practice. Additional accessories such as spray tips, probes, carry bags etc are also available. Visit our cryosurgery on-line store for more information.

Personal Protective Equipment
When used with care, liquid nitrogen is an extremely safe cryogen, however we recommend PPE to be used and supply a full range of items including gloves, goggles, and oxygen depletion monitors. Visit our cryosurgery on-line store for more information

Training and Support
You can take advantage of our on-line safety training courses for liquid nitrogen use or book a appointment with one of our cryosurgery experts who will demonstrate the use of liquid nitrogen and applicators and advise you on which products and services best suit your needs.

Contact us now for more advice or to arrange a visit to discuss our cryosurgery equipment range.  

Click here to find out more about our instructor-led and new e-Learning safety training packages.




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