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Gas Generation
Ultra high purity gas generators for hydrogen, air and nitrogen specially designed for the critical demands of laboratory users offering an uninterrupted gas supply. Purchase and rental schemes available.

CryoService are the exclusive UK distributor and service agents for Claind’s range of Laboratory Line UHP Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Air Generators.
Generators offer an excellent alternative to UHP cylinder gases in almost every laboratory situation. Compact, convenient and safe, they provide the following advantages over traditional cylinder supply:

  • Improved Health & Safety – No manual handling of heavy gas cylinders, no connection or disconnection of high pressure regulators, plus the benefit of automatic shutdown in the case of a downstream leak.
  • Improved productivity – There is no risk of losing a sample run due to a cylinder running out.
  • Ease of use – Operation is simplicity itself, with a single button start facility.
  • Cost advantages – When considering the true cost of cylinder supply, there is not only the visible gas costs, but also the rental of spare and empty cylinders, the delivery costs for each consignment, the hidden costs of inventory control, reordering gases, and downtime for changing over cylinders.

To find out more about the applications and features for each type of generator click on the icons below to download specifications:

To make economics easy for the laboratory, CryoService offer a hire scheme for the generators as well as an outright purchase agreement. By committing to a monthly hire payment for a fixed contract period customers enjoy full warranty cover throughout the life of the agreement. CryoService offer a nationwide installation and servicing package through our own network of qualified technicians. 

Contact us for the modern solution to laboratory gas supply.
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