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CryoService Helps Leeds University Union Welcome Back Students With Innovative Drinks Gases System

The University of Leeds is the UK's second largest university with 30,500 students from over 130 countries.  And its Students' Union is one of the largest in the country with 270 activities, clubs and societies. Each October they are faced with the challenge of integrating some 7,500 students. A challenge which Darren Buntin, the Bars Operations Manager for Leeds University Union relishes each year, and is certainly no mean feat. Approximately 25,000 students visit the union building each day with 2,500 drinks served per day across the 4 bars.

"My biggest issue is efficiency of service at a time when the students traditionally bond and get to know each other socially throughout the first weeks of term", said Darren.  The operational challenges were further compounded with the bars having separate cellars, each with a stand-alone cellar gas system, thereby being labour intensive which reduces efficiency. 

Alison Robinson, CryoService Sales Executive, spotted an opportunity to significantly improve the bars operational efficiency, customer service, product yields and health and safety through the installation of a single CryoService 'Accellerate' drinks dispense system. Once agreed, the challenge was on.  CryoService had 2 weeks prior to term starting to design and install one bespoke gas management system to replace the 3 existing systems without impacting the bars operations. A deadline which was achieved with 24 hours to spare!

Following installation Darren said "The Accellerate system is much better than our previous installation, faster, more efficient and less labour intensive.  Our staff don't have to manually handle or change any cylinders - we stay front of house looking after our customers making sure their night continues uninterrupted. We have also significantly reduced the amount of equipment on site we now have one system that provides all our drinks dispense needs."

Lee Jenkins, CryoService Project Engineer who led the install team said "This type of retail operation is perfect for the Accellerate drinks dispense system and highlights the flexibility of its design and function. We never doubted it would be finished on time."

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