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CryoService launch Cryosurgery product line with
on-line purchasing option

CryoService have further extended their lead in the Biomedical sector by launching an extensive range of equipment, training and Liquid Nitrogen services for Cryosurgery applications.

Cryosurgery uses the properties of Liquid Nitrogen to treat minor skin conditions such as warts, verrucae, small cysts, skin tags etc by freezing the cells quickly and then allowing them to thaw slowly, acting more effectively than equivalent treatment techniques with minimal pain. This technique is widely used by GP’s, chiropodists, vets, dermatology clinics and cosmetic surgeons.

The new CryoService Cryosurgery offering includes the market-leading CryoPro series of Liquid Nitrogen applicators, bundled into packages that allow for new starters or experienced users to provide a comprehensive Cryosurgery treatment. On-site storage of Liquid Nitrogen in small quantities is provided by our Cryolab series of Liquid Nitrogen dewars and our wide range of Liquid Nitrogen delivery service options, including "pre pay" and "pay as you go" facilities. Finally, safety and support is accomplished through the provision of application and safety training courses and Personal Protective Equipment packages.

More and more CryoService customers are taking advantage of the convenience of our on-line store and the Cryosurgery range is all available for immediate purchase – click here for more information.