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CryoService Launch Cryosurgery Safety Training Package

CryoService, working in conjunction with their training partners Gas Safe Consultants Ltd have developed and launched a brand new comprehensive training package called "Using Cryosurgery Equipment Safely". This package is designed to help new and existing cryosurgery practitioners understand best practice in the use of liquid nitrogen and the correct use of CryoService’s cryosurgery equipment range.

The packages consists of two elements – a three part on-line training course which covers the safe use of liquid nitrogen, the correct use of liquid nitrogen storage dewars and safe use of the CryoPro applicator and a training DVD that contains detailed operating instructions for the CryoPro including practical advice on cryosurgery techniques using spray tips, open probes and contact probes.

Noor Ali, Commercial Manager for CryoService, welcomed the new offering "We are delighted with the market response to our on-line safety courses and Using Cryosurgery Equipment Safely extends this concept with a very detailed DVD that covers all the typical questions that we receive from people undertaking cryosurgery. I think it offers exceptional value for money for such a comprehensive package."

Using Cryosurgery Equipment Safely is available now from CryoService and osts only £75.00 plus VAT per delegate; click here for further information and a free demonstration of the package.




Using Cryosurgery Equipment Safely