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CryoService offer a full service to support cryosurgery applications; from the supply of liquid nitrogen in small dewar packages to advanced cryosurgery applicator equipment, PPE and application training.

Cryosurgery uses the properties of liquid nitrogen to destroy and remove unwanted tissue in a controlled manner. It is widely used by GP's, chiropodists, vets, dermatology clinics, GU clinics and cosmetic surgeons to remove common warts, plantar warts, viral warts, periungal warts, seborrhoeic keratoses, mosaic verrucae, skin tags, melanocytic naevi, spider naevi, small cysts, cutaneous horn, thread veins and molluscum contagiosum.

Liquid nitrogen provides a fast freeze and slow thaw technique that destroys unwanted tissue in a more effective manner than other cold agents, requiring fewer reapplications compared to -59°C or N2O methods. This means that it is quick and cost effective to perform and therefore is ideal for surgeries and outpatients.

CryoService are the UK agents for the CryoPro range of cryosurgery applicators, contact probes and safety accessories, allowing you to carry out cryosurgery in a safe and controlled manner.

Contact us now for more advice or to arrange a visit to discuss our cryosurgery equipment range.  
Click here to find out more about our instructor-led and new e-Learning safety training packages.




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