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Liquid Carbon Dioxide - CO2

CryoService supply Grade 3.0 Liquid Carbon Dioxide to the following specification:



Carbon Dioxide

>99.9% v/v min


50 ppm v/v max (20 ppm w/w max)


To pass JECFA or ISBT test


2.5 ppm v/v max


30 ppm v/v max

Oxides of Nitrogen (NO/NO2)

2.5 ppm v/v max each

Non-volatile Residue (particulates)

10 ppm w/w max

Non-volatile Organic Residue
(oil and grease)

5 ppm w/w max


<= 0.3 ppm v/v

Total Volatile Hydrocarbons
(calculated as methane)
50 ppm v/v max of which 20 ppm v/v max
non-methane hydrocarbons

0.2 ppm v/v max


0.02 ppm v/v max

Carbon Monoxide

10 ppm v/v max


10 ppm v/v max

Hydrogen Cyanide*

< 0.5 ppm v/v

Total Sulphur (as S)**

0.1 ppm v/v max

Taste and Odour in Water

No foreign taste or odour

* Analysis necessary only for carbon dioxide from coal gasification.

** If the total sulphur content exceeds 0.1 ppm v/v as sulphur then the species must be determined separately and the following limits apply:-

        - Carbonyl Sulphide        0.1 ppm v/v max
        - Hydrogen Sulphide       0.1 ppm v/v max
        - Sulphur Dioxide             1.0 ppm v/v max

*** Analysis necessary  only for Carbon Dioxide from phosphate rock sources.

Typical applications include:

·  Brewing
·  Bottling
·  Incubators
·  Theatre special effects
·  pH control
·  Blanketing
·  Foundries
·  Modified Atmosphere Packing
·  Growth atmospheres

  Carbon Dioxide Gas Safety Datasheet 
  Carbon Dioxide Liquid Safety Datasheet 

Liquid Carbon Dioxide

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