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CryoService Deliver Turnkey Project at Anthony Nolan Trust

The Anthony Nolan Trust is a charity that has grown from the determination of Shirley Nolan, whose son died through the lack of a suitable bone marrow donor. She set up the charity over 30 years ago, which has subsequently

become a world leader in the field of tissue type analysis and tissue transplant technology. The Trust recently obtained a large amount of funding to expand their research, the decision was made to build a state of the art laboratory in Nottingham, England.


CryoService were initially requested to quote solely for their range of MVE Chart cryogenic freezers, however the relationship expanded to the point where CryoService delivered a total turnkey solution, covering not only the cryogenic freezers but the SIVL pipework, nitrogen and carbon dioxide storage vessels, O2 monitors, barcode printers, dewars, inventory, liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide supply, and finally a sophisticated inventory management system.


David Bryant, Sales Manager for CryoService’s Science and Industry Division commented, "We were delighted to support the Anthony Nolan Trust with this project, which clearly shows the benefits of using one supplier to project manage a total supply solution that alleviates the problems commonly found with interfacing between unrelated systems and multiple suppliers."


Dr. Sergio Querol, Head of Cord Blood Services for Anthony Nolan Trust supporting this with the following statement. "The Anthony Nolan Cord Blood Bank is honoured to work with CryoService, which is known throughout the industry for its technical cryogenic expertise, and excited on having jointly developed a state-of-the-art facility that will put a step forward in the development of high quality freezing and storage systems for cord blood banking."

Overall, CryoService demonstrated again its expertise in designing and delivering an integrated solution for cryopreservation applications, which has lead to a dominant position in this important and life-critical sector.





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