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In today’s business environment, training is an important part of ensuring duty of care for your staff. In particular, the awareness of best practice when dealing with gases can not only improve safety but can also enable your staff to get the very best from your CryoService system.

CryoService gas systems are designed to provide the safest and most efficient solution to the problems typically associated with industrial and leisure gas supply. To support these systems we can provide both instructor-led and e-learning training packages.

The instructor-led training consists of four modules, two specifically for users of cryogenic gases and two for cylinder gases in laboratory environments. Both feature practical elements to help demonstrate real-life application of the training material.

The "Cryogenic Gases Safety Awareness" workshop covers the safe use of Liquid Nitrogen and is partnered by the "Liquid Nitrogen Decanting" practical workshop for users of pressurised vessels and dewars.  To find out more about these course please click here
The "Laboratory Gases Safety Awareness" workshop has been designed to raise awareness of the safe use of high pressure cylinder gases and the associated practical course "Connecting Regulators and Cylinder Set-Up" offers essential guidance to regular and new users alike.  To find out more about these course please click here

These training sessions can be carried out at your premises and can be adjusted to suit different group sizes.

The innovative e-Learning course "Using Liquid Nitrogen Safely" allows users to learn at their own pace in their work environment. For more information on this course please click here.

If you wish to view a demo of the e-Learning course or buy it on-line then  please click here.

If you want to find out more, or discuss your requirements in greater detail, then contact us.


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