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Gas Systems for Soft Drinks Dispense

The CarboStore CO2 liquid gas delivery system is the perfect alternative to cumbersome gas cylinders. Specifically engineered to all soft drinks and fast food outlets, the CarboStore automated delivery system ensures constant supply.

CryoService CarboStore Systems for Drinks Gas Supply 

The CarboStore range of CO2 gas systems provides a unique solution to the problems associated with traditional CO2 cylinders in the soft drinks dispense environment. Engineered to handle high flows and variable peak demand, the CarboStore system is ideal for fast food restaurants, bowling alleys, and cinema applications where ease of use, supply continuity and consistent quality is paramount.

Advantages of CarboStore CO2 Supply For Soft Drinks

CryoService provide CarboStore systems to the biggest names in the soft drinks market, all of whom enjoy the following advantages over outdated cylinder supply:
  • Constant pressure and flow for consistent drinks dispense – high quality soft drinks all of the time.
  • No cylinder handling and changeover – saves time, reduces manual handling risks and eliminates damage to walls and floors from cylinder movements.
  • Remote fill capability – your staff don’t have to stop serving customers to accept deliveries.
  • Product savings – cylinders are often changed at the start of a shift and returned with 15-20% product remaining. CarboStore is permanently connected and refilled on site; you use all the product you pay for.
Cellar Gas Safety Training

CryoService runs an on-line e-learning programme to identify and address the risks associated with cellar gases in licensed and soft drinks applications, 
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Contact us now to and enjoy the benefits of CarboStore and Intelligent Gas and leave cylinders behind.

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