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Engineering Services

With over 35 years of experience in the cryogenic and high pressure gas markets, CryoService have the expertise to provide an extensive range of Engineering Services, from the provision of turnkey installations to consultancy and design work for new projects. 

CryoService’s Engineering Services division was initially developed to support the requirements associated with cryogenic and high pressure gas systems, from the supply of storage vessels and gas control equipment, to pipework installation and preventative maintenance schemes that assist with legislative compliance with the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000. This service has been extended to include the following items:

  • Design and Consultancy - CryoService have demonstrable experience in designing bespoke gas delivery systems, including flow rate and pressure drop calculations. CryoService design and consultancy work has been successfully utilised at several of the largest sporting and live event arenas in the UK, to provide a total gas solution from one supply source.
  • Maintenance Services - CryoService can develop bespoke Written Schemes of Examination for your pipework systems, helping you comply with PSSR2000 requirements.
  • Turnkey Laboratory Projects - CryoService have an enviable history in the analytical and biomedical sectors, and can work with you to design and install a laboratory, including aspects such as high purity pipework and specialist gas control equipment, biomedical sample storage solutions, generated gas systems, oxygen depletion monitoring and ventilation systems.
  • Advice on Industry Codes of Practice - Whether you are designing a gas storage compound, or transporting compressed gas cylinders to a project site, CryoService can assist and advise you on compliance with Industry Codes of Practice.
  • Emergent Technologies - Many research and development projects require a consultative and solution-driven approach to resolve potential issues on gas supply requirements. CryoService can provide invaluable advice and experience to help develop a solution to meet your needs.  

If you want to find out more, or discuss your requirements in greater detail, then contact us.


Industrial Gas and Engineering Services

Engineering Services