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CryoService is the preferred UK distributor for Chart Biomedical who manufacture the World's leading range of cryogenic freezers for the long-term storage and distribution of biological materials, sold under the MVE brand.

For more than thirty years, Chart MVE has led the industry, setting the standard for cryopreservation technology. Their latest -190°C liquid nitrogen freezers use vapour phase storage technology to provide the highest level of sample security supporting biomedical applications such as assisted reproduction, oncology research, immunology, gene therapy and banking of tissue, bone marrow, stem cells and cord blood.

Liquid nitrogen freezers offer unparalleled security for the cryopreservation of biological samples. At liquid nitrogen temperatures there is a wider safety margin than via -150°C mechanical freezers. Liquid nitrogen freezers also require no 3-phase electricity or back-up generators, produce no heat or noise, and have very few moving parts.

The Chart MVE range extends from a broad line of liquid and vapour phase freezers for straw, ampoule and blood bag storage to lightweight aluminium shippers and dewars.

In addition, CryoService supply a full suite of freezer inventory (including custom options), vacuum insulated pipework, oxygen depletion systems and business management software, plus offer a design and project management service for turnkey installations of cryorooms. Our goal is to provide a total service for cryopreservation; our customers trust our expertise and experience in this critical field.

Contact us now to experience a true specialist service from the Biomedical experts. 

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